As a Feminist…

The same pattern of behavior was true in 1918 — masculinity was a vulnerability (story by Soraya Chemaly)

If a mask is all it takes to threaten your manhood, you didn’t have much manhood to begin with.

PMS & Hormones vs. Male Brain

Every Single Day

Nice Guys Finish Last (Origin of the Phrase)

men would be prosocial & ensure that his lover was satisfied first & then he would be last.

And this is where the phrase nice guys finish last comes from.

2nd Shift & Partner Weight Change

Wife-Wife, Husband-Husband, & Wife-Husband Couples & Regulation of Bae’s Weight (Umberson et al., 2018)

Irony of the 2nd Shift

Feminist Men Have Easier Access To Sex

“Armstrong and colleagues (2012) found oral sex nearly doubled the odds for women’s orgasm in hook-ups, and more than doubled the odds when in relationships.

Plural Courtship → Monogamous Coupling

Evolutionary Mismatches

Evolutionary Mismatch



Egalitarianism/Chivalry Confusion?

Inauthentic for intercourse, the worst performative allyship


1. Slide presented by one of my TAs during a guest lecture in Spring 2021. — 2. When I interact as GamerGirl no one knows I’m a Black (or Multiracial) male. Perhaps we could sidestep some intergroup issues with robots by programming them to essentially see us as lines of code… or Elves

Apple has made specific iPhones for Japan that can’t be muted …… …because men




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