America Is Identity Fluid

Horizontal Acculturation

“She’s probably lying or she would’ve reported it sooner”

Must Be Lying 🤦🏻‍♀️

Believe Women

I didn’t file a complaint that I was #raciallyprofiled on 12/16 until Feb 24. And #Siri can show I wasn’t lying. Trauma is complex to process, let alone report.

#Allyship 2014

We’re Birds Of Different Feathers & We’re All In This Together

Twitter Thread by Jonas R. Kunst (@KunstJonas)

Jonas’ Twitter thread Continued…


By Dr. Kaidu Wu, PhD (literally direct quotes)

Hypocognitive Mind: How Lack of Conceptual Knowledge Confines What People See and RememberWe examine hypocognition, in which people lack a cognitive or linguistic representation of a concept necessary to identify, interpret, or remember instances of it. Six studies (N = 2,085) revealed…

Optimism & Diversity (Heterophilous Friendships)

McGee quotes the great James Baldwin:

you cannot be an ally if you completely refuse to see what is and always has been right in front of you. That is what “fake-woke” consists of, and why it’s morally reprehensible to the people of color who see it and call it out for what it is.

Diversity Will Be the Only Reality

Black Homeowners Appraisal Doubles After Hiding Race



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