Staying safe during the Twindemic of Prejudice & COVID

Coronavirus emerged in 2019 & we had vaccines for it by the end of 2020. The Prejudice Virus emerged alongside Adam & Steve, remains highly contagious, and has proven immune to most sociopolitical policy level vaccines. Given the dual threat we’re facing, here are some suggestions to protect yourself & those you love.

Layers of Protection from the Coronavirus

The CDC, WHO, health psychologists & MDs at UCSD, & others recommend the following 7 safety measures:

  1. Wear a mask (or 2)
  2. Wash your hands
  3. Watch your distance (at least 6 feet but maybe 10) (Bazant & Bush…

One ~XY Man’s~ Life In a ~X▲O◼ Woman’s~ MMORPG World

I always play as a woman.
In Final Fantasy 14 (FFXIV) I’m her, and her name is #GamerGirl

In real life, I identify as a chromosomal XY male, my gender identity is masculine, and my pronouns are he/his/him.
In my virtual MMORPG life, I identify as a X▲O◼ Woman, my gender identity is feminine, and my pronouns are she/hers/her.

My reasons for #GenderSwapping differ significantly between online MMORPG & single-player games. Across several pieces, I discuss the benefits of playing as a woman in Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games…

A woefully random piece about all the emojis you can use on Medium

� That’s why they put erasers on pencils ✏️ because people make missteaks.

😋👩🏻‍💼 Original Emoji piece here 💁🏻 😭👌 🏈

§ Though Filipino nurses only make up 4% of all RNs in the United States, Filipinos account for 26.4% of nurses who have died from COVID (National Nurses United, 2021). Filipinos account for 48.8% of all minority RNs who have died from #COVID19 (see also Table 3, p. 13).

“A tri-racial model of stratification (Han, 2008; Lin & Lundquist, 2013; Phua & Kaufman, 2003; Qian &…

This isn’t as inexplicable/confusing as it looks.

For reasons that may seem utterly inexplicable & incomprehensible at first, most respondents indicated a desire to do dishes entirely by hand instead of using the dishwasher machine thing.

How???? — You may ask 💁🏻 What shenanigans are behind such cognitions?

I often ask myself this question & it’s spurred some fascinating discussions over the years (same outcome when I lived in Texas).

One key thing that’s usually brought up is people who use dishwashers will rinse the plate off first because dishwasher don’t reliably clean everything, suggesting (correctly) that it makes the…

This isn’t the beginning or the end of this story, but I feel ready to share it

I was racially profiled on December 16th 2020. The actions taken by the university to ensure my safety in the months since then are reasons all Tritons should feel 🔱 #TritonPride 🔱

Pre-Preface: The officers involved in this incident displayed magnificent professionalism & are an inspiring example of law enforcement.

Preface: I’m realizing that I’m ‘studying’ my #RacialTrauma WHILE I’m still healing from it in much the same way that I eventually realized my experiences as GamerGirl had potential ethnographic relevance in my…

Most Multiracial students reported experiencing the erasure of one of their ethnoracial identities in college, a nationwide problem

Original MultiRacial Erasure Article

Cristina Diaz (one of my RAs & the Mixed Student Union President here at UC San Diego) and I created a survey item to assess the degree to which Multiracial & Multiethnic undergraduate students feel a part of their identity hasn’t been considered in the opportunities offered to them while in college. This followed from a Zoominar Cristina & I had last week with Windi Sasaki (Program Manager of APIMEDA at UCSD, ranked #8 among U.S. …

Student preferences for office hours this autumn

Most students prefer having the options of Office Hours via Zoom OR in-person this Fall, which makes sense considering the threat of P1 & other COVID19 variants.

Office Hour Safety Considerations
— offices are smaller than most classrooms
— 400+ seat auditoriums have better ventilation

Disaggregated by Sex

Women indicated a higher preference to have an option than males, but most students indicated a desire to make the choice for themselves.

My emoji gender identity has always been female, but it becomes gender neutral when I check something I sent across Laptop/iPhone

E: Why do you use the pregnancy emoji?
J: Because it’s the only one guaranteed not to change.

Anyone else notice this cross-platform emoji glitch?

For some reason the emojis I use when sending an email via my laptop transform when I check that same email via iPhone. So if anyone has seen me use the pregnancy emoji in any recent interactions, that’s why. The pregnancy emoji is the only one that won’t randomly become gender-neutral on me.


MultiRacial Black-Hispanic students will never be included in batch emails about Hispanic student aid/networking/etc because universities only acknowledge them as Black.

Table of Contents (click to Fast Travel)

· How is this consequential…
· InterMinority MultiRacials May Be Most Affected
President Barack Obama & Vice President Kamala Harris

· MultiRacia Isle

· Sidenotes for Future Pieces
· Race Ratio vs Sex Ratio
· The Salad Bowl That Never Mixes

A student who identifies as South Korean & White (MultiRacial) on enrollment forms is counted as a monoracial South Korean student. …

Dr. Jarryd Willis PhD

I'm passionate about making a tangible difference in the lives of others, & that's something I have the opportunity to do a professor & researcher.

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