One ~XY Man’s~ Life In a ~X▲O◼ Woman’s~ MMORPG World

I always play as a woman.
In Final Fantasy 14 (FFXIV) I’m her, and her name is #GamerGirl

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In real life, I identify as a chromosomal XY male, my gender identity is masculine, and my pronouns are he/his/him.
In my virtual MMORPG life, I identify as a X▲O◼ Woman, my gender identity is feminine, and my pronouns are she/hers/her.

My reasons for #GenderSwapping differ significantly between online MMORPG & single-player games. Across several pieces, I discuss the benefits of playing as a woman in Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games…

Mindfulness doesn’t mean lying to yourself in blind pursuit of equalitarianism.

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— Panelist Patricia Churchland

Acceptance & equanimity & compassion & mindfulness…

≠ passively resigned towards accepting everything

≠ I love kids on the opposite side of the world as much as my own. Be cognizant of the limits of mindfulness; you love your own kids more & that’s perfectly fine. Mindfulness doesn’t mean lying to yourself in blind pursuit of equalitarianism.

≠ I should just accept who I am. No, you should pursue positive self growth. It doesn’t mean perfectionism; it means don’t be dishonest with yourself regarding the acceptability of your vices.

— Panelist William Mobley

Stepfathers may be structurally egalitarian as they must show gender nonNormative deference to their stepkid’s biological parent: their spouse

Remarriages divide roughly evenly between remarriage for husband only, wife only and both spouses.

Second marriages for both spouses have had consistently lower divorce rates than first marriages since the 1980s.

Second marriages for husbands only have also had consistently lower divorce risk than second marriages for wives only. However this gender difference has been less apparent in recent years.” —

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If married voters vote GOP more than single voters & divorced voters, which way do remarried voters lean? Is…

Happy Galentines Day too =^.^=

Male Gaze & Women’s Vitamin-D Deficiency

#GamerGuy: Why are women more likely to buy/use umbrellas than men?

#GamerGirl: Lighter skinned women have higher value in the intimacy market → parasols help avoid sunlight → better chance to attract the gaze of Magic Mike (risk: Vitamin D deficiency)

Gender Socialization & Women’s Vitamin D Deficiency

- Asia: Male Gaze → women’s desire to have whiter skin → avoid sunlight → women more likely to buy parasols → parasols & umbrellas depicted as a woman’s accessory for centuries (Sangster, 1855) → 1623 painting by Sir Anthony van Dyck of Marchesa Grimaldi with her parasol.

- India (Sonam Joshi & Aashmita…


“In 2009, President Obama signed an Executive Order on the Asian community, which included calling for strategies to improve the health of Asian Americans and to redress health disparities impacting them (Obama, 2009).

When Asians are examined, results indicate that they face higher risk from environmental health hazards than Whites (Clark et al., 2014; Cushing et al., 2015; Downey et al., 2008; Houston et al., 2014; Lievanos, 2015; McKelvey et al., 2007; Morello-Frosch and Jesdale, 2006; Payne-Sturges and Gee, 2006).

Population-level statistics documenting high levels of education and income among Asian Americans conceal the systemic racism that Asians…

Jesus’ stepfather got stuck in traffic (or something). Did Ai write A-B-C- or D?

By Doctor Jarryd Willis PhD (Soulborn)

Co-Authored by Ai (Soulless)

One of the most discussed verses in my Holy Bible is

“Father, Father, why have you forsaken me”

Step fathers aren’t discussed in the Bible the way fathers are.

Jesus’ question as to why his stepfather had forsaken him suggests that the writers of the Bible (mostly males) weren’t particularly interested in creating a hagiographic image of stepdads as a model for future ‘blended’ families.

His mommy was there at the crucifixion (Mary, though she wasn’t a virgin anymore at that point as Jesus had siblings).

His plus-one was…

Skirts should be considered among the most powerful item in MMORPGs

“Studying the effect of the gender of current partner among bisexual participants on these associations would be an interesting focus for further research” (Shenkman & Abramovitch, 2020, p. 10) [my lab did that lols — please see below]

Why I Love Wearing Skirts

Even when skirts are 100% glamors with no combat utility aside for their cosmetic/aesthetic value on your avatar, there are immense utilitarian gains for wearing a skirt with an attractive female avatar like mine.

Why? Given that most male avatars are played by male humans…

Skirts that flaunt an woman avatar’s…

COVID19 has been detected “in ocular swabs indicating the presence of virus in the eye as long as 27 days after initial symptoms, even with concomitant absence of virus in nasal swabs (Colavita et al., 2020).”


Eyes & Ocular Entry

Veena Danthuluri & Maria Grant (2020)

“There is a benefit to using eye protection for healthcare workers and the general public and studies suggest that the lack of eye protection when other precautions are taken can result in contraction of the viral disease.”

“Angiotensin converting enzyme 2 (ACE2) serves as the receptor for the virus and is found in the eye, suggesting that the virus…

President Biden, Amanda Gorman, the Secret Service, Dr. Jarryd Willis, & others have been MultiMasking

For maximal protection (Gandhi & Marr, 2020)

2 Masks at the same time → (1) wear a cloth mask tightly on top of a surgical mask where the surgical mask acts as a filter and the cloth mask provides an additional layer of filtration while improving the fit.

To quote Elizabeth Hanes of WebMD, “if you’re using a basic cotton mask, wearing a second mask might indeed trap more viral particles in your breath when you exhale and might also provide better protection against inhaling the virus from the air.” USA Today

Dr. Jarryd Willis PhD

I'm passionate about making a tangible difference in the lives of others, & that's something I have the opportunity to do a professor & researcher.

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