One ~XY Man’s~ Life In a ~X▲O◼ Woman’s~ MMORPG World

I always play as a woman.
In Final Fantasy 14 (FFXIV) I’m her, and her name is #GamerGirl

In real life, I identify as a chromosomal XY male, my gender identity is masculine, and my pronouns are he/his/him.
In my virtual MMORPG life, I identify as a X▲O◼ Woman, my gender identity is feminine, and my pronouns are she/hers/her.

My reasons for #GenderSwapping differ significantly between online MMORPG & single-player games. Across several pieces, I discuss the benefits of playing as a woman in Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games…

It works for parking garages at the mall; it can work for our post-vaccination workforce too

When I parked at Fashion Valley Mall in the pre-March 15th 2020 World, the parking garage would indicate if there were open parking spots or if it was full.

It would even indicate which level of the garage had parking. Creating a similar tool for personnel occupancy would reveal whether the building with an on-campus employee’s private/nonshared office was at 25% occupancy or not & therefore safe to enter.

In addition, UCSD’s Canyonview swimming pool has a pool lane reservation system in which people…

Long COVID is… likely one of the mass disabling events in modern history.” — Hannah Davis (NYT)

40% of Long haulers who receive the first dose of either Pfizer or Moderna show significant improvement in their ongoing COVID symptoms

Therapeutic Vaccine

In a recent piece, UC San Diego’s Dr. Lucy Horton is quoted as saying that the relief the COVID19 vaccines have provided to many Long COVID patients would “be one of the first instances of a therapeutic vaccine, where a shot not only prevents an infection, but also helps to treat it.

She’s 100% correct given the evidence from 2020 (Fink…

And weighed the utilitarian health resources that may be gained within the bond:

- Social support is important for health outcomes

- This person provides socioemotional support

- But this person is also a 'net cost' sometimes

- Thus, is maintaining bond with person for socioemotional health resources worth the effort?

- Would I be better off without the effort?

Or is this person a rope I'm holding as I'm falling, & though this rope is burning my hands at least I'll land on my feet once [current life event] is over thanks to this person?

Is there another person…

bell hooks' definition is spot on, & I think Liz Plank's discussion of the asymmetric social evolution since WW2 poignantly captures many of our current social challenges.

In short, until the social evolution of males and normative sea change towards mindful masculinity that I & Elizabeth Plank & Soraya Chemaly dream of takes place, we must consider the epidemiological, sociocultural, & familial consequences of our current atavistic gender norms – particularly in the context of heterosexual courtship & pair bonds.

This is why I argue LG couples & interorientation couples (e.g., heterosexual-bisexual) can be instructive egalitarian models for hopeful MonoOrientation heterosexual dyads.

Moreover, asexual inclusive couples & Ace-Ace dyads can demonstrate intimacy and commitment in a way that isn't reducible to intercourse or some other phallocentric outcome (assuredly an outcome destined to reinforce the well-documented orgasm gap in Xy-XX couples).

#iNTJPride #Psychology #MatePreferences #Feminist #GamerGirl

You can definitely exercise after your vaccination

As they say, 2 shots calls for 2 handed dunks =^.^=

#AirPfizer #JustDoIt

Quite possibly the best description I've read

Our response to COVID19...

was flight in 2020

is fight in 2021

will be tend-and-befriend in 2022

...unless AntiMaskers cause us to lose the fight, or needlessly extend its duration. If we remain vigilant through Spring & Summer, we'll win without having to go into overtime.

Chinese/Filipino ≠Tamil. Persian/Armenian ≠ White. Mixed/Multiracial ≠ Other.

I’m incredibly proud to be a UC San Diego Triton. When the world was confronted with the viral calamities of COVID & racism over the past year, the UCSD community rose & revealed the greatness of our character. Before we had COVID19 tests in vending machines, and one of the lowest infection rates for one of the most populated campuses in the country, we had a 21-Day Anti Racism Challenge in the wake of the national conversation on race in summer 2020.

In that same spirit of inclusion, the psychological sciences participant prescreen survey (SONA System) has been updated to…

Dr. Jarryd Willis PhD

I'm passionate about making a tangible difference in the lives of others, & that's something I have the opportunity to do a professor & researcher.

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