⚧️ TransRights for Title iX Anniversary

The Results

transwomen are more likely to play for women’s teams than transmen are to play for men’s teams.

Peachy Talibos was the only transwoman to continue playing on the men’s team (Volleyball)

Transwomen athletes broke more records & won more titles than transmen athletes.

Technical Description of Identity Coding


Today’s Athletes are Bigger, Stronger, Faster

The T Started the Movement

🌈🏀 WNBA & Sexuality (Willis et al., 2022)


July 4th Update

🏳️‍⚧️ Pay Gap — Lydia Geijtenbeek & Erik Plug, 2018

“MTF workers experience a 20% fall in earnings as a registered female, whereas FTM workers experience an 8% rise as a registered male”

⚧️Transgender Veterans & Service — Janelle Downing et al., 2018

🌈LGB Veterans & Service —Muirhead et al., 2017

Trans Proportions & GamerGirl 🎮



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