⚧️ TransRights for Title iX Anniversary

The Results

Regardless of identity, most trans athletes play for college women’s teams (χ2(1, N = 31) = 5.45, p = .020), though transwomen (91.7%) are more likely to play for the women’s team than transmen (57.9%), χ2(1 , N = 31) = 4.07, p = .044.

transwomen are more likely to play for women’s teams than transmen are to play for men’s teams.

Peachy Talibos was the only transwoman to continue playing on the men’s team (Volleyball)

Transwomen athletes broke more records & won more titles than transmen athletes.

Ultimately, additional research with larger samples & comparing different sports (as it may matter more in some sports than others) is required before anything can be stated conclusively. Hopefully this inspires future inquiries into transrights & making sports more inclusive for all 🏳️‍⚧️

Technical Description of Identity Coding

Transmen = a trans athlete who was assigned female at birth. They may identify as non-binary, as transmen, or just as themselves. For the purposes of data analysis & presentation, all such cases were coded as transmen.


Today’s Athletes are Bigger, Stronger, Faster


The T Started the Movement

“The Stonewall riots were a series of demonstrations by queer and transgender people in New York in 1969 following a Police raid at The Stonewall Inn. This event has been attributed as one of the inciting moments of the Pride movement (Armstrong & Crage, 2006).”

🌈🏀 WNBA & Sexuality (Willis et al., 2022)

We found that, even though lesbians & bisexual women (~38% of WNBA players) have higher testosterone than straight women, the regular season performance of WNBA athletes was largely the same regardless of sexuality.


July 4th Update

🏳️‍⚧️ Pay Gap — Lydia Geijtenbeek & Erik Plug, 2018

“MTF workers experience a 20% fall in earnings as a registered female, whereas FTM workers experience an 8% rise as a registered male”

⚧️Transgender Veterans & Service — Janelle Downing et al., 2018

Transmen are “nearly 5x times more likely to be veterans than cisgender women (7.9% vs. 1.7%).

🌈LGB Veterans & Service —Muirhead et al., 2017

Lesbians & bisexual women are more likely to serve in the military than straight women (Blosnich et al., 2012; Gates, 2004, 2010; Herek et al., 2010; Muirhead et al., 2017; RAND National Defense Research Institute, 2010), and, “when compared to bisexual and gay men they are more likely to serve” (Muirhead et al., 2017).

Trans Proportions & GamerGirl 🎮

More men (assigned at birth) transition into women than vice-versa (Bao & Swaab, 2011). Just as there are more male-to-female transsexuals than female-to-male transsexuals (Bao & Swaab, 2011), more men gamers genderswap to play as women avatars than women gamers genderswap to play as men avatars (Ducheneaut et al., 2006; Isaksson, 2012).



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