🗝️ Giving Bae a Spare Key

Table of Contents

🔑 Spare Key

Who gives their lover a spare key to their place first?

🏡Moving In Together

Get a new place or move into bae’s place?

😺🐶 Adopting Pets

Do they adopt a pet before or after moving in together?

📺🛋️ Hangout At Whose Place

Whose place do they hangout at in their free time?

Courtship Sidenotes

Support for a Distressed Spouse — Thomeer et al., 2021

🌈Gendered Monogamy

Gospel — Promoting Men’s Emotional Evolution — Croft et al., 2021

Interracial Courtship

K-Beauty (Hyejung Park, 2020)

Contraception & Makeup — Carlota Batres et al., 2018

waitresses receive higher tips when they are wearing cosmetics compared to when they are not (Jacob et al., 2009).


“Women generally can become pregnant; men generally cannot” (Deborah Widiss, 2021)

Bisexual Women’s Orgasm Rate Based On Sex of Lover



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