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“People look at [our child], look at Kerry, look at me, & then go “just trying to work out who he looks like more” or “who’s eyes he has”. And I’m just like really?!”

Matrilineal Naming

Patrilineal Naming

Nurturer’s Last Name (Bartholomay, 2019)

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Name Change & Divorce — Melanie MacEacheron, 2021

Natalie Hurst, 2021–14th Amendment Implications of a Complex Name Change Process After Marriage for Men

Only ten states allow men to use a marriage certificate as a legal name change document — Colorado, North Dakota, New York, Massachusetts, Louisiana, Iowa, Hawaii, Georgia, Oregon, and California (Jones, 2016).

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One of Us Will Change

We’ll Both Change



Genetics & Biology

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among same-sex couples, females tend to take their partners’ names more often than males,

Brett Snider, 2014

Changing Your Name Regardless

Tyrone Jones, 2016

Matthew Smith, 2016

Matthew Smith, 2016: https://yougov.co.uk/topics/lifestyle/articles-reports/2016/09/13/six-ten-women-would-like-take-their-spouses-
https://www.brides.com/story/guide-to-changing-your-name-after-marriage (Photo by Emily Roberts)

History of Name Changes — Sophie Coulombeau


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Queens & Chess

Remarriages Last Longer

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Patriarchal Tax Laws — Karin Yefet, 2020

Hemez & Washington, 2021 (US Census)


Suzanne Kim, 2017

“With nationwide marriage access to same-sex couples, an unprecedented opportunity has been created to disentangle the relationship between formal law, gender norms, and marriage.”



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