æther economy: distribution cost = $0

Zoominars, videogames, Grand Army, & our digital infrastructure

1 → Students get to interact with each other via the zoom chat box, and for some it may be the interaction they look forward to each day (albeit during lecture but I understand the need for belongingness). #MMORPG gamers get to interact with each other as well, though the content of the interaction is less intellectual.

In both cases, the person on #Zoom & #Xbox may have a fake profile name & an avatar/virtual background that doesn’t resemble their actual appearance/location. Either way, you’re looking at a screen.

You’re not printing exam paper or buying games containers at Gamestop. It’s all online. The æther doesn’t require shipping & handling.

Much of this content can be streamed/used freely, and greater access, speed, & storage space can be acquired with relatively cheap upgrades on your phone plan, TV plan, internet plan, & subscriptions to Zoom and Netflix. Thus, we’re inundated with new content regularly.

There are a few new MUST WATCH shows though. My recommendations:

Grand Army (one of the greatest shows I’ve ever seen)
Teenage Bounty Hunters
School Nurse Files
Get Even
The Gift (new season)
3% (final season)
Umbrella Academy (new season)
The 100 (final season) The Duchess
La Revolution
Babylon Berlin
Baby (final season)

Socrates’ & MTV’s works are equally available online. Thus, the quality of the new content is usually exceptional because IT HAS TO COMPETE WITH ALL OF HISTORY. There are sure to be a few duds among new shows & games, but there is something for everyone (there was even a show called Tiger Land on #Netflix for a few weeks).

If you do too well recording your lectures one semester, would you make yourself expendable if it was decided that your recordings could be used in your place? If you’ve been a voice actor in several Disney/Pixar features, could they just program your voice to an Ai going forward rather than paying the corporeal performer?

6 → Twindemic vs. Playstation 5

The delayed release of a few videogames games in Spring 2020 likely hurt our collective efforts at flattening the curve. Although ~45% of gamers are women, the 55% of gamers who are males may have been more likely to stay home if there were new games to play. We already know women are more likely to adhere to quarantine, wear a mask, wash their hands, etc.

Thus, the release of Playstation 5, Assassins Creed Valhalla (early release tonight at 9pm if you wisely pre-ordered), CyberPunk, etc will benefit public health significantly this winter.



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